Strange Thoughts, Random Mutterings

By Jackson Radcliffe

Strange Thoughts, Random Mutterings - Jackson Radcliffe
  • Release Date: 2015-06-26
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 3.5
From 19 Ratings


Why is work better than sex?
Do Bond villains lack ambition?
Are you an alien terrorist?
Is the world getting better or worse?
What is the best undead creature to actually be?
How can you reliably predict the future?
How do wasps get into the house?
How can you live to be 100?
Do we possess free will?
What are brains for?

If you enjoy asking unusual questions and getting unexpected answers, this book is for you.
In a collection of his 100 best blog articles, the writer Jackson Radcliffe spans a diverse range of topics, from comedy to spirituality, and from tax forms to philosophy & science.
Short and witty, Radcliffe captures an entertaining and stimulating vision of the world in friendly, bite-sized chunks.

The blog articles are divided into 19 sections:
Life (life, death and all the funny bits in between, what is comedy? why do we laugh? happiness, aliens, bin laden, success and failure, why I love Americans)
The internet (computers, photos of cats, videos of people falling over, privacy, twitter, facebook and social media, stupidity and the internet, Google)
Blogging (what is a blog? the modern diary, stats addiction, more twitter, how to get more blog followers, humour and comedy)
An uncertain world (uncertainty, problems, solutions, life is a mystery, why we should fear aliens)
Technology (from smart phones to the technological singularity, life in a virtual world, the myth of finite resources, inventing the future, why technology means freedom)
Books and movies (book reviews, vampires, James Bond villains, Darth Vader and Star Wars, movies for fathers and sons to watch together)
Health and fitness (old age, secrets of longevity, how to live to a hundred, food for longevity, Ikaria, Okinawa, Andorra)
Christmas (Santa Claus, New Years resolutions)
Self-pity (chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS)
Politics (Democracy, liberals, conservatives, fascism, communism, does free speech matter, ideas and ideals)
Science (maths jokes, the fallacy of reductionism, does free will exist? scientific theories, opinions, facts, evolution)
Creativity (creativity in science and technology, wealth creation, knowledge, smash the glass ceiling)
Philosophy and stuff (the problem of evil, seeking the truth, a sense of wonder, questions and answers, changing your mind, opposing beliefs, the trap of ideas, do ideas deserve respect?)
Atheism (religion, belief systems, agnostics, the book of dawkins, evolution is only a theory, nihilism, the purpose of the universe, the meaning of life)
Money (economics, why is Andorra rich? tax, wealth creation)
Spirituality (searching for spirituality, religion and spirituality, conspiracy theories, the sacred and profane, communion with god, esoteric, yoga, pattern recognition, the quest for meaning, organized religions)
Words and language (swearing, originality, language malfunction, the importance of questions, sincere greetings, the purpose of brains and intelligence, words that should exist but don't)
Talking to myself (narcissism, blogging)
Writing (i am an author, self-publishing, free books, how to self-publish, how to blog, how to write)