By Sekhar Reddy Vasa

Elijah - Sekhar Reddy Vasa
  • Release Date: 2016-10-03
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Dear readers! This is a very small book. But the content presented in it is about the power possessed in Elijah and his future. For people of all times, Elijah exists still as future itself. For those, before the period of Kings, as a person who could ascend in a whirl wind he was being an incident of the future. This happened in the period of Kings. Before the New Testament, he had eased the path of Lord Christ; he had come forth as a voice which was to guard the country of Israel from destruction and also an incident that would take place in future. This had taken place during the beginning of the New Testament period. Now for us before the Doomsday, he would again arrive along with Enoch to make way for Christ’s second coming. This is what would take place in the future. In the sense, there are the prophecies of future. Before the Doomsday, he would arrive on to the earth and to see that the world wouldn’t destroy, he would divert the hearts of the people towards God. Though he had done this, after his death, the people would again convert into the slaves of the beast which is the supreme form of the Satan and hang on to servitude of the Satan and are becoming responsible for the Doomsday. In this way, Elijah who was naturally a human being, in almost all the periods both in the form of his spirit as well as in his physical form, in the form of the two witnesses, he had performed his deeds in the past, had been performing his deeds in the present and continue to perform so even in the future.
            To learn about such a great prophet is a great experience in our lives. To keep this experience pleasant and sweet, mellifluous, we must lead a Holy life in God. Otherwise, only ashes would remain and our spiritual life would experience bitter in the burning furnace of the Hades.
Whatever is the fact, however one makes one’s own thoughts and perceptions, among the prominent prophets, Elijah is just Elijah!


Just like the Lord Jesus Christ, Elijah had existed in the past, in the future and the present periods.
Some people among Israelis saying that the Lord Christ was calling out for Elijah while he was crucified in the cross.
Israelis believed that Elijah possessed the power that could protect even Jesus Christ.
The power of Elijah that - he could possess the people and perform the deeds of God
Elijah and the Lord Christ in the hearts of Israelis – inquiry about
Israelis thinking Jesus Christ as John, Elijah and a prophet like Jeremiah
Who was the one that had preached the Israelis about Elijah? Who had preached about two witnesses Elijah and Enoch to the Christians?
Lord Christ who had interposed the attitude of Israelis towards Elijah
James and John asking Jesus Christ if he liked to perform the deeds performed by Elijah
In case of the Lord Christ – the rumours about Elijah
Elijah, as per nature, he is a human being like any one of us - Jacob the apostle
The prophecy of Malachi about Elijah
If you have the heart to accept, the coming Elijah is he alone - Lord Christ
The order and assignment how John had acquired the Spirit and power of Elijah – Reason – preparation.
Lord Christ talking to Elijah and Moses on a high mountain
Elijah before the Doomsday
Coming of Elijah and Enoch to the earth before coming of Lord Christ
The deeds performed by Elijah and Enoch before the Doomsday
Elijah killed by the beast along with his co-witnesses and would leave his body
The pathetic condition of the bodies of Elijah and Enoch after their deaths
After the death of Elijah, the Spirits of Life of Elijah and Enoch would return from God and enter into their bodies back
Coming of Elijah during New Testament period - its consequences - coming of Elijah by the Doomsday - its consequence.
Jesus revealing that though there were number of widows, Elijah was sent to the widow who was in the village named Zarephath
Elijah prayed to God against Israelites
Deeds of Elijah during the period of Old Testament
What did the Israelis presume about Elijah? What did Elijah had presumed about the Israelis in the Old Testament period?
Elijah – His acquaintance with ravens
Elijah anointing his heir as a prophet
Elijah – His journey in Whirlwind
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