Unquotable Quotes on Demonetization in India

By Tuku Moni

Unquotable Quotes on Demonetization in India - Tuku Moni
  • Release Date: 2016-12-30
  • Genre: Humor


Unquotable Quotes on Demonetization in India:This book is not a serious economics book. This is not a political book as well. Then why I have named the book on a serious topic. Because I think every serious topic has a lighter side, not necessarily funny side. In this book, I have copied comments from some economist, some non-serious intelligent persons, ordinary persons and non-serious brainless persons like me.
Therefore, comments made by friends are only reproduced without any assessment from my side. I am giving my comments separately where the name of the writer (including referred as Unknown writer) are not mentioned. Why I compile this edition? None of these are known economist, but ordinary people who feels strongly (either way) about demonetization in India, probably one of the largest of this kind in the world.