Poor Richard's Almanack (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)

By Benjamin Franklin

Poor Richard's Almanack (Barnes & Noble Digital Library) - Benjamin Franklin
  • Release Date: 2012-03-13
  • Genre: Literary


This edition includes a modern introduction and a list of suggested further reading.  Poor Richard's Almanack is one of Benjamin Franklin's most charming creations. He delighted in cloaking his writing behind a variety of literary personas, and Richard Saunders remains one of his most beloved, although some critics have complained that Poor Richard reveals the shallow materialism at the heart of Franklin's homespun philosophy and, by extension, at the heart of America itself. The Almanack holds a central place in understanding Franklin and his evolution from humble tradesman to founding father as well as providing a fascinating window into colonial America. Franklin's sharp wit still retains its ability to surprise and delight readers today.