The 5 Second Rule

By Goldmine Reads

The 5 Second Rule - Goldmine Reads
  • Release Date: 2018-05-24
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Your comfort zone is the safest place you've found that kept you from experiencing any harm--but it's also the place that keeps you from achieving much more than you could have imagined. Everyone in your life from your parents, to your teachers, mentors, coaches and friends, have pushed you to see and become the best version of yourself. In truth, becoming the best version of yourself is the result of having the courage and confidence to push yourself.

With multitudes of stories from famous people in history and everyday people and with the science and psychology of habits, Mel Robbins will show the power of pushing yourself into action within five seconds which can catapult you into becoming your own best version.

The 5 Second Rule will show you how to apply this tool in various ways, such as:
•Breaking procrastination
•Overcoming fear and hesitation
•Ending worry and anxiety
•Speaking up with courage
•Being more grateful
•Becoming more confident