iPhone XR for Beginners

By J. Davidson

iPhone XR for Beginners - J. Davidson
  • Release Date: 2019-02-04
  • Genre: Computers


The iPhone XR is the number 12 in what is now a long line of iPhones produced by Apple. There are many expectations that iPhone users all over the world will have when it comes to this 2018 Apple release. As most iPhone users may have come to realize by now, the release of a new iPhone does not necessarily mean that the entire idea from the last version had been overhauled. In fact, in most cases, the differences turn out to be very small. On most occasions, the most visible differences may be the size of the screen and the operating system and other such efforts at fine-tuning the upgrade.
There are, however, exciting new features that iPhone users will enjoy when using the iPhone XR. Some of the showstoppers would include the camera quality and the battery life. These are both very good improvements on the device.
Let us look at the iPhone XR in greater detail and find out why it is the bestselling model for Apple for the year 2018.