ATPL (A) Flight Planning

By Mark Woodhouse

ATPL (A) Flight Planning - Mark Woodhouse
  • Release Date: 2019-04-07
  • Genre: Transportation


This manual is written to assist you to develop your knowledge and understanding of flight planning in modern air transport aircraft and to prepare for your ASPEQ ATPL(A) Flight Planning examination.

ATPL (Aeroplane) Flight Planning is based on flight planning for an oceanic IFR flight for a multi-engine turbine powered heavy air transport aircraft.

ATPL(A) Flight Planning requires an understanding of both the ground flight planning phase and the inflight use of a CFP, including the management of inflight planning contingencies.

Consequently, the study guide is designed to cover the current requirements in four sections:
Flight Planning Policies and Processes;
Computer Generated Flight Plans;
Flight Planning Data Extraction;  and,
Exam Preparation Material.