Easy Spanish Stories For Beginners

By Storyling

Easy Spanish Stories For Beginners - Storyling
  • Release Date: 2019-09-09
  • Genre: Spanish Language Studies
Score: 4
From 55 Ratings


Have you been searching for an effective Spanish language-learning method that can provide you better results than previous strategies?

Are the traditional methods of learning Spanish just not cutting it, and you feel that you need more efficient alternatives that you can use on the go?

If you feel like answering “Yes” to any of the previous questions, then you will be amazed to know more about this book that we’ve created for you – based on a highly-recommended language-learning method!

It has finally arrived. Through Reading while Listening (or RwL), we have changed the way students experience new languages and their learning, providing them with an improved strategy that increases the immersion and enables them to simultaneously develop their reading and listening comprehension while on the go.

This book makes effective use of this method to allow readers to read incredible Spanish stories while listening to the audio (you will find the links to the audio within); furthermore, any student - from children to adults - can expect wonderful results with just 20 minutes of daily practice!

But how exactly can Easy Spanish Stories for Beginners help you learn Spanish?

In this book, you will find the following:

1. A powerful introduction that explains exactly just what you can expect to find within, as well as detailing what the RwL method is about and how to use it

2. 5 Amazing Spanish stories that will entertain you while educating you through the Reading while Listening method, boosting your Spanish comprehension

3. All stories come with audio access

4. A summary of each story – in English and Spanish – so that you can fully understand what you just read

5. A vocabulary list, because we know how hard it can be to understand certain terms and phrases

6. Finally, a Q&A section so you can test how observant you were and practice your Spanish!

So, what are you waiting for, grab a copy of Easy Spanish Stories for Beginners to begin unlocking your language-learning potential to its fullest!


  • Un buen libro

    By TMcKoy417
    Acabo de leer este libro y me encanta. Me historía favorita es Perdidos. Todas las historias tienen vocabulario y un resumen(ambos en inglés y español) también hay audio en el sito del web, Storyling.
  • Efficient Summer Studying

    By 411852
    Interesting stories, perfect mix of both preterite and imperfect past-tense verbs, and an excellent way to study effectively over the summer.
  • Easy

    By jsaguz7
    It’s the easiest for beginners.
  • Not for beginners:(

    By loulou_linguistics
    Not for beginners!!! This is more for intermediate learners. If you are an beginner, just google some simple Spanish stories online in pdf file( literally download them for free). However I would say that if you are an intermediate Spanish speaker, then this book is not that bad.