U.S. Navy Diving Manual - Revision 7 Change A - Latest Version April 2018

By U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy Diving Manual - Revision 7 Change A - Latest Version April 2018 - U.S. Navy
  • Release Date: 2020-10-12
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


U.S. Navy Diving Manual

The U.S. Navy Diving Manual has long been regarded the ultimate resource for recreational, commercial and military divers and is widely considered to be the technical standard for diving information and procedures. 

Revision 7 Change A is the latest version released in April 2018 and includes major updates and changes from the previous versions. 

This extensive manual is just under 1000 pages spread over 5 Volumes with 18 Chapters and is unsurpassed in technical detail and depth.


U.S. Navy Diving Manual

Volume 1 - Diving Principles and Policy

Chapter 1 - History of Diving
Chapter 2 - Underwater Physics
Chapter 3 - Underwater Physiology and Diving Disorders
Chapter 4 - Dive Systems
Chapter 5 - Dive Program Administration
Appendix 1A - Safe Diving Distances From Transmitting Sonar
Appendix 1B - References
Appendix 1C - Telephone Numbers
Appendix 1D - List of Acronyms

Volume 2 - Air Diving Operations

Chapter 6 - Operational Planning and Risk Management
Chapter 7 - Scuba Air Diving Operations
Chapter 8 - Surface Supplied Air Diving Operations
Chapter 9 - Air Decompression
Chapter 10 - Nitrogen-Oxygen Diving Operations
Chapter 11 - Ice and Cold Water Diving Operations
Appendix 2A - Optional Shallow Water Diving Tables
Appendix 2B - U.S. Navy Dive Computer
Appendix 2C - Environmental and Operational Hazards
Appendix 2D - Guidance for U.S. Navy Diving on a Dynamic Positioning Vessel

Volume 3 - Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diving Operations

Chapter 12 - Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diving Procedures
Chapter 13 - Saturation Diving
Chapter 14 - Breathing Gas Mixing Procedures

Volume 4 - Closed Circuit and Semiclosed Circuit Diving Operations

Chapter 15 - Electronically Controlled Closed-Circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus (EC-UBA) Diving
Chapter 16 - Closed-Circuit Oxygen UBA Diving

Volume 5 - Diving Medicine and Recompression Chamber Operations

Chapter 17 - Diagnosis and Treatment of Decompression Sickness and Arterial Gas Embolism
Chapter 18 - Recompression Chamber Operation
Appendix 5A - Neurological Examination
Appendix 5B - First Aid
Appendix 5C - Dangerous Marine Animals