By Alan Shipnuck

Phil - Alan Shipnuck
  • Release Date: 2022-05-17
  • Genre: Golf
Score: 4
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“A rollicking good time.” —Golfweek * “Thoroughly engaging.” —The Washington Post

A juicy and freewheeling biography of legendary golf champion Phil Mickelson—who has led a big, controversial life—as reported by longtime Sports Illustrated writer and bestselling author Alan Shipnuck.

Phil Mickelson is one of the most compelling figures in sports. For more than three decades he has been among the best golfers in the world, and his unmatched longevity was exemplified at the 2021 PGA Championship, when Mickelson, on the cusp of turning fifty-one, became the oldest player in history to win a major championship.

In this raw, uncensored, and unauthorized biog­raphy, Alan Shipnuck captures a singular life defined by thrilling victories, crushing defeats, and countless controversies. Mickelson is a multifaceted character, and all his warring impulses are on display in these pages: He is a smart-ass who built an empire on being the consummate professional; a loving husband dogged by salacious rumors; a high-stakes gambler who knows the house always wins but can’t tear himself away.

Mickelson’s career and public image have been defined by the contrast with his lifelong rival, Tiger Woods. Where Woods is robotic and reticent, Mickelson is affable and extroverted, an incorrigible showman whom many fans love and some abhor because of the overwhelming size of his personality. In their early years together on Tour, Mickelson lacked Tiger’s laser focus and discipline, leading Tida Woods to call her son’s rival “the fat boy,” among other put-downs. Yet as Tiger’s career has been curtailed by scandal, addiction, and a broken body, Phil sails on, still relevant on the golf course and in the marketplace.

Phil is the perfect marriage of subject and author. Shipnuck has long been known as the most fearless writer on the golf beat, and he delivers numerous revelations, from the true scale of Mickelson’s massive gambling losses; to the inside story of the acrimonious breakup between Phil and his longtime caddie, Jim “Bones” Mackay; to the secretive backstory of the Saudi golf league that Mickelson championed to wield as leverage against the PGA Tour. But Phil also celebrates Mickelson’s random acts of kindness and generosity of spirit, to which friends and strangers alike can attest. Shipnuck has covered Mickelson for his entire career and has been on the ground at Mickelson’s most mem­orable triumphs and crack-ups, allowing him to take readers inside the ropes with a thrilling immediacy and intimacy. The result is the juiciest and liveliest golf book in years—full of heart, humor, and unexpected turns.


  • A big WHATEVER

    By Family and Divorce
    ONE actual conversation with Phil. The rest are quotes taken from others’ articles, interviews, podcasts, and observations. Phil used Shipwreck just as Shipwreck uses everyone. Thank goodness this was a gift but the 3 hours reading it was and is a waste.
  • All about the money

    By cdarwin
    I had respect for him. Midway through reading this I heard about his latest exploits and greed with the saudis while driving home from work (the book next to me on the seat) 200 million dollars.? And Phil has no idea what abuses they’ve committed.? Driving 75 miles an hour I opened the window and chucked the book out as hard as I could ( good day)
  • Didn’t match the hype

    By Jonesey Rocks
    I found the book had great insight into Phil. It was very interesting to see alternatives views on Phil. I didn’t see massive controversy and the areas Of Phil’s poor judgement didn’t seem extraordinary. I didn’t realize how bad the gambling was and I hope he has found help. While I disagree with his decision to play in the Liv golf series, I understand his issues with PGA. I always had issues with professionals not being paid at a tournament if they didn’t make the cut. If they qualified to play, pay them. In addition, if they are contractor, why can the PGA treat them as chattels?
  • Phil

    By Bee britches
    Great read!
  • Informative but not entertaining

    By JHBrandon3
    Nothing really new of note. A long chronological read that leaves you wondering where you heard this before.
  • Phil

    By Skizler
    I’m a “weekend golfer” with a 12 handicap on a good day. I was I intrigued by the comments made by players about golf ball composition and the impact it has on their game. I was also in awe about the commitment these guys have to elevating their game from both a mental and physical standpoint. After finishing the book I text a number of my golfing friends and advised this is a must read. I know they’ll enjoy it enjoy it as much as I did and we’ll discuss it’s content over a beer after many rounds of golf to come!
  • Great Listen

    By AVCorp
    A deep dive into the good and bad sides of Phil from birth to present. There are two sides to any story, Shipnuck does a great job telling his side.
  • Phil’s a sell-out but so is Shipnuck

    By Leehrat Painter
    No one would want one of these guys, Mickelson or Shipnuck, assigned to guard duty.
  • Meh

    By Mike5(6)$8$
    Voyeuristically entertaining, meticulously reported but casually written.