Works of Stephen Crane

By Stephen Crane

Works of Stephen Crane - Stephen Crane
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Genre: Short Stories


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Table of Contents

Fiction :: Short Story Collections :: Short Stories :: Poetry

Active Service
Maggie, Girl of the Streets
The Red Badge of Courage
The Third Violet

Short Story Collections
The Little Regiment and Other Episodes of the American Civil War
Men, Women and Boats
The Monster and Other Stories
The Open Boat and Other Tales of Adventure
Whilomville Stories

Short Stories
The Angel-Child
The Blue Hotel
The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky
The Carriage-Lamps
The City Urchin and the Chaste Villagers
A Dark-Brown Dog
A Desertion
The Duel That Was Not Fought
The End of the Battle
An Episode of War
An Experiment in Misery
The Fight
The Five White Mice
Flanagan and His Short Filibustering Adventure
Four Men in a Cave
A Grey Sleeve
His New Mittens
An Indiana Campaign
The Knife
A Little Pilgrim
The Little Regiment
London Impressions
The Lover and the Tell-Tale
Making an Orator
A Man and Some Others
The Mesmeric Mountain
The Monster
A Mystery of Heroism
One Dash Horses
The Open Boat
The Pace of Youth
The Reluctant Voyagers
The Scotch Express
"Showin' Off"
The Snake
The Stove
A Tent in Agony
Three Miraculous Soldiers
The Trail, Execution, and Burial of Homer Phelps
Upturned Face
The Veteran
The Wise Men: A Detail of American Life in Mexico

The Black Riders & Other Lines
War is Kind