Lover At Last

By J.R. Ward

Lover At Last - J.R. Ward
  • Release Date: 2013-03-26
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 1,228 Ratings


“The hottest collection of studs in romance” (New York Times Bestselling Author Angela Knight) returns as J. R. Ward brings together two of the most beloved people in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world—at last....
Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to being on his own. Disavowed from his bloodline, shunned by the aristocracy, he has found an identity as a brutal fighter in the war against the Lessening Society. But his life is not complete. Even as the prospect of having a family of his own seems within reach, he is empty on the inside, his heart given to another....
Blay, after years of unrequited love, has moved on from his feelings for Qhuinn. And it’s about time: it seems Qhuinn has found his perfect match in a Chosen female, and they are going to have a young. It’s hard for Blay to see the new couple together, but building your life around a pipe dream is just a heartbreak waiting to happen. And Qhuinn needs to come to terms with some dark things before he can move forward…

Fate seems to have taken these vampire soldiers in different directions, but as the battle over the race’s throne intensifies, and new players on the scene in Caldwell create mortal danger for the Brotherhood, Qhuinn learns the true meaning of courage, and two hearts meant to be together finally become one.  


  • Disappointment

    By That there girl
    I love the Brothers and I look forward to the books, but this one was not up to par. It seemed forced. Reaching for a story line. She took the characters out of character. Broke Black dagger rules..... I am over the new love stories of added characters... Please start telling us what is going on with the "real" brothers that we fell in love with but never get to hear about anymore. This was truly boring. And stop adding everyone to the brotherhood.
  • Loved it!

    By SicaMae
    Fantastic finish to a story that needed to be told!
  • I hesitated to read this...

    By BLU ID
    But you can't read an entire series, more then once I might add, and shy away from characters who you love just because it's gay. I kept avoiding the book, not sure I could handle this one. But my OCD got the best of me. I can't skip one in a series, the world might end. Besides, these are all my boys. Ward did the subject and the characters justice. In the end we can't help who we love, it just simply is. As soon as I started reading I was glad I did. Well done.
  • I wrote her an email....

    By Bittersweetlovea
    One day I was staring at the ceiling thinking about the black dagger brotherhood books and a thought came to me! J. R Ward should do a book about Quinn and Blay. So I wrote her an email begging her to make this find out she already is. I was so excited for this book...who cares if it involves homosexuality... This book meet my expectations and it's one of my favorites. Still no book will ever beat Lover Awakened with Z and Bella.
  • A little disappointed (warning: spoiler)

    By Hisnhersnyours
    When I found out the author finally was going to write Q & B's story I was so excited (Aside from Rhage, Butch & V's stories, this was the one I most looked forward to...something about forbidden & unrequited love that had me yearning for a happily ever after). It had been years since I read this series and I wanted to get reacquainted with the characters again so I reread all the books again, in like a WEEK! No small feat. I felt jipped. Not only was too much time spent on new characters, which we don't even get much resolution for those stories...just a set up for another book, but the all that rejection & pushing away by Blay and him just being "over it" was irritating. I had imagined an entirely different chain of events. I liked Saxton's character but having Blay so changed by another lover kind of takes away from the dynamic of what draws you into their story. I did however like that we got to see Qhuinn open up emotionally. I guess what I had hoped for was in previous books Qhuinn was like this sex god, so when I thought of Blay finally getting what he wanted I imagined Blay as the shy virgin type and Qhuinn as the strong possessive teacher type. But in this story it's almost the opposite. I would have liked it to end with an actual mating ceremony, not just a dance. Although, I do look forward to Trez & Selena and Assail & Sola's stories. And I'm really intrigued with Xcor & Layla...will they find their own happily ever after, cus it's hard to imagine, with him being the "enemy".
  • Quin and Blay

    By Cuba93654
    Loved the book! It was about time these two got together.
  • Great!!!

    By Marjorie Diegue
    She did it again!!! Great book with a great twist!! Can't wait for the next ones!!!
  • Awesome ❤

    By MizLoca
    Love the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series!!! 😊❤😍
  • Lover At Last

    By Goal165
    Awesome great book. Please don't stop writing about The BDB. Could not put this book down.
  • New BDB addict

    By angi465
    Just finished the whole series and now about to go back and read it again and bookmark my favorite parts. Loved this book! I'm not gay, but I loved seeing these two get together! Also loved that you didn't hold back on the sex just because it was two guys. Love love love them! My personal fave is Wrath so I'm so chomping at the bit for the next one! Girl, you can't write it fast enough! Now I know how my friends feel waiting for me to release my next chapters to them as I write. You are an inspiration and I love this series! Would love to see more on Lassiter. I so love a smartass! Great book, great series, great author! Bravo!