The Striker

By Clive Cussler & Justin Scott

The Striker - Clive Cussler & Justin Scott
  • Release Date: 2013-03-05
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4
From 407 Ratings


Turn-of-the-century detective Isaac Bell goes undercover as a coal miner for his first solo mission in this novel in Clive Cussler's #1 New York Times bestselling series.

It is 1902, and a bright, inexperienced young man named Isaac Bell, only two years out of his apprenticeship at the Van Dorn Detective Agency, has an urgent message for his boss. Hired to hunt for radical unionist saboteurs in the coal mines, he is witness to a terrible accident that makes him think something else is going on…that provocateurs are at work and bigger stakes are in play.

Little does he know just how big they are.

Given exactly one week to prove his case, Bell quickly finds himself pitted against two of the most ruthless opponents he has ever known—men of staggering ambition and cold-bloodedness who are not about to let some wet-behind-the-ears detective stand in their way.


  • Interesting but toooo long

    By Philbo31
    I love the Issac Bell books but this book was way too long. It was similar to a poorly edited movie that could be 1/2 hour shorter..and maybe better if it were shorter. This book was the same. About 100-150 pages too long.
  • My first Isaac Bell adventure!

    By McZachary44
    I really enjoyed my first Isaac Bell experience. Everything was well written and the story plot was equally great. My only compaint is I wish it was longer! I’ll definatly be checking out more Isaac Bell novels real soon!
  • Loved it!

    By Dee 60
    History plus mystery- always a fun read! Enjoyed every page.
  • WOW! Super slow read

    By DonPablo deRioVista
    I've read all his books and the last few have hardly been worth the read. Well this book doesn't fail; doesn't fail to reverse that trend unfortunately. Not much of a story to start with; and a conclusion hardly worth reaching. Unless you are 10 years old or so; then is is probably a great book. Cussler either needs to get serious about writing again or cap his pen; not crank out dribble like this over and over. Oh, and its mathematically impossible for this book to rate 4 stars based on its rating distribution at the time of this writing. And by the way, i did NOT give this book four stars!
  • Very disappointed

    By BartPete
    It took me a long time to get into this one. Does not meet what I have come to expect from Clive Cussler. It seemed very disjointed and outright confusing at times to the point of actually stopping reading it a third of the way. When I decided I must finish it, the conclusion was good, but getting me there was painful. The first Cussler book I almost gave up on.
  • The Striker

    By JD Edwards
    Very slow read. Been reading him since his start in Arvada. Time for him to recharge himself.
  • Where have you gone Mr. Cussler

    By Txter 123
    I have read every book of yours, loved them all. This one is the slowest read ever, barely made it through. Are you at the point where you are just trying to pump them out? Plot seems to go nowhere.
  • The EXP Striker

    By Mickey fan 1950
    I have read every book by these 2 authors about the Van Doren Dectective Agency. The leading character: Isaac Bell, is interesting,likable & really good at his job. This is another page turner!! Well worth reading and all the other books with Isaac bell.
  • Liked the Bell Character

    By lopilori
    Always love Cussler, and enjoy the Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin & Juan Cabrillo books. Now I can add Isaac Bell tommy list!
  • The Striker

    By Johnson swamp
    Great read. Kinda like Dirk Pitt took a time trip and started all over again. Well written fast paced. It's like a wild ride from start to finish. Read several others in the series, and from what I've so far Isaac Bell will give Dirk a run for the money.