Explorers of the Americas

By Marc Schulman & Amy Erani

Explorers of the Americas - Marc Schulman & Amy Erani
  • Release Date: 2012-01-15
  • Genre: Textbooks


The Age of Exploration comes to life in this interactive book
Learn about each of the major explorers to the Americas. 

Each Explorer entry includes: 
• A summary of their exploration; 
• A more in-depth chronicle of each explorer's journey, 
along with– 
• A 1-3 minute multimedia/video; 
• A biography; 
• A map; and 
• A primary source document. 

Our EXPLORERS app also includes sections on: 
• The Native Americans before the arrival of Columbus; 
• The birth of the Age of Exploration; 
• The Columbian Exchange
There are word searches, picture matches and even picture puzzles to make this an engaging way to learn about the Explorers