The Yellow Cab of the Universe

By Eduardo Galvani & James Griffiths

The Yellow Cab of the Universe - Eduardo Galvani & James Griffiths
  • Release Date: 2014-12-10
  • Genre: Physics
Score: 5
From 5 Ratings


From the author of the iTunes bestseller “The Yellow Cab of the Universe – The Solar System,” Mr. Albert’s Brain, is a revolutionary Physics textbook designed expressly for iBooks.

If physics doesn’t completely blow your mind, you must not be looking at it correctly. The Yellow Cab can take you where no Physics book has gone before — into the mind of a brilliant (though slightly eccentric) scientist who can show you how this world we live in really works! The pages of the book unfold themselves to hundreds of other interactive pages, combining stunning artwork with original animation, video, 3D models that will radically redefine for you how a physics book should look and feel.

Mr. Albert will take you on a journey through Motion, Force, Gravity, Heat, Waves, Electricity, Magnetism and lots more.

As interesting as it is for adult readers, it is specifically designed to be used as a textbook by high school students (and as a presentation tool for teachers) – especially those who have found science in general and all kinds of textbooks, both paper and digital, lifeless and boring. Mr. Albert’s Brain will grab you with the stickiness of a video game, explaining basic concepts and key facts while taking you on an amazing journey, all the while reinforcing what you have previously learned in the interactive modules.

There has never been a Physics book like Mr. Albert’s Brain, and the best way to see what we are talking about is to download the book (or book sample) to experience it for yourself! You will not be disappointed. 


  • Brings physics to life and makes it engaging

    By Tempusmaster
    Physics springs from real life - it’s the sum total of our struggle as human beings to make sense of the physical world around us and to solve real world problems. If you want to build a bridge, design a car, aim a cannon, fly a plane, or do almost anything physical, you need to understand the fundamentals of physics. Unfortunately all too many textbooks and classes teach physics in a dry, pedantic way that sometimes suffocates student’s interest in one of the worlds most important topics of study. Eduardo Galvani not only puts the ‘life’ back into physics, he makes it totally engaging and inspiring. This iBook not only teaches physics, it encourages the reader to interact and experiment with the principles covered in each section. Through the use of color, dynamic images, sound, motion, physical interaction, interactive quizes, and videos, Galvani brings the full power of the iBook format to bear and creates a learning experience that is difficult to put down. I highly recommend this iBook to anyone with an interest in physics, no matter what your age, gender, nationality, or experience level.
  • Interactive Visual Masterpiece

    By ToddJapan
    I have the pleasure of knowing the creator Eduardo, a lifelong lover of science and genius visual designer, and he has really brought the principles of physics to life through a creative array of fun and interactive visuals. Makes physics engaging for all ages!
  • Physics is Fascinating

    By WillcottJ
    ...when explained as it is in this iBook. Animations and illustrations bring difficult concepts to life. Mr Albert's Brain makes learning visual for students and anyone else interested in understanding better the physical world.
  • Digital Book on Steroids

    By Patrick Newell
    I have never seen an educational digital book that is so comprehensive, animated and alive. This book is interesting, relevant and engaging. It ignited my curiosity to learn more about science. I am not a big science buff however enjoyed the book very much. Mr. Albert’s Brain has the potential to revolutionise textbooks as we know them today as it includes the same content. Very Cool.