Zero Footprint

By Simon Chase & Ralph Pezzullo

Zero Footprint - Simon Chase & Ralph Pezzullo
  • Release Date: 2016-01-12
  • Genre: Military
Score: 4.5
From 111 Ratings



A dramatic insider account of the world of private military contracting.

Armored cars, burner phones, top-notch weaponry and top-secret missions--this is the life of today's private military contractor. Like author Simon Chase, many PMCs were once the world's top military operatives, and since retiring from outfits like US Navy SEAL TEAM Six and the UK's Special Boat Service, they have devoted their lives to executing sensitive and hazardous missions overseas.

Working at the request of U.S. and British government entities as well as for private clients, he takes on jobs that require "zero footprint," with no trace of their actions left behind.

Chase delivers first-hand accounts of tracking Bin Laden in Afghanistan and being one of the first responders after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. We see his teams defuse terrorist bombs, guard dignitaries, and protect convoys traveling through perilous territory--and then there are the really big jobs: top-secret "zero footprint" missions that include searching for High Value Targets and setting up arms shipping networks.

The missions in Zero Footprint will shock readers, but so will the personal dangers. Chase and the men he works with operate without government backup or air rescue. If they die serving their country--they remain anonymous. There are no military honors or benefits. Contractors like Simon Chase are the unsung heroes in the war against terrorism, a strong, but largely invisible force--until now.


  • Each Chapter an Adventure

    By jdoubledogp
    Great book. Couldn't put it down. Each chapter was it's own adventure from Iraq to Syria to Malibu.
  • Best book I've ever read!!

    By _warrior08
    Zero Footprint provided a great insight to the secret, discreet world of PMC's. This book changed my view on many, many different things... I recommend this book to military lovers and people who are intrigued by military type things. Great overall read!!
  • Not good.

    By Jpt7779
    I just could not get through this book and felt that it was poorly written!
  • Pure fiction!!!

    By kktha1
    This guy should have googled weapons of the Taliban or Al Qaeda. Saying they engaged him with "556's" was a dead give away. He may have been a Royal Marine, maybe even SBS, but I doubt he was either. Even a cherry private in any coalition military would know that any enemy forces in Afghanistan, and even the friendly ones, use 7.62x.39 (AK, PKM) or 7.62x.54R with latter being rare. I'm not the only one drawing this conclusion. Every book review I've read has had way worse to say, one even saying that all involved must have been under the influence of hallucinogens. Otherwise it would have been listed as a work of fiction.
  • The Craziest Ride You Have Ever Been On!

    Love all the Seal Team books. This guy however has been firsthand in so many of the front line news stories you read about. His story is revealing, captivating, and insightful. A Must read for anyone wanting to understand the life elite PMC's lead. For me this book was right right up there with No Easy Day and all the other recent special ops releases. My Heart goes out to the writer. I pray that God grants you peace. Best read in a long time !