Kanji Learner's Course Graded Reading Sets, Vol. 1

By Andrew Scott Conning

Kanji Learner's Course Graded Reading Sets, Vol. 1 - Andrew Scott Conning
  • Release Date: 2017-07-22
  • Genre: Japanese Language Studies


With over 30,000 reading exercises graded character-by-character, parallel English text, complete pronunciation guides, and extensive grammar support, the Kanji Learner’s Course Graded Reading Sets series is the most powerful Japanese reading comprehension tool available today. While its character sequence follows that of Kodansha’s widely acclaimed Kanji Learner’s Course (KLC), the series is an irreplaceable resource even for those who have studied kanji by other methods.

This Volume 1 contains 1,028 exercises covering the first 100 kanji in the course. Each exercise contains only kanji previously introduced, and is designed to give you contextualized practice with reading kanji, kanji-based vocabulary, and a wide range of grammatical patterns. The Graded Reading Sets allow you to immediately apply each kanji you learn, and continuously review what you have already studied.

Each exercise appears in three parallel forms: Japanese text, Japanese text with phonetic guides, and English equivalent. Phonetic guides indicate word division as an additional learning aid. To further accelerate your learning, the series introduces hundreds of key grammatical structures as they appear, with cross-references that allow you to quickly find in-depth information about any structure that may be unfamiliar to you. This contextualized grammar support allows you to master a wide range of sentence patterns through the natural process of reading and understanding. 

Each volume in the series is supported by several files accessible through the user-support website, including a comprehensive index of 640+ grammar glosses, and a cross-reference database allowing you to quickly locate the KLC entry of any of the quarter million kanji appearing in the series. Apple’s iOS and MacOS allow you to look up any unfamiliar words in the built-in J-E dictionary with a couple of taps/clicks.

Begin experiencing the pleasure of reading and understanding authentic Japanese, including an ever-expanding range of kanji, kanji-based words, and grammar patterns. By reading a large volume of material that you can understand, you will absorb grammar, vocabulary words, and subtleties of usage in the most natural and enjoyable way.