Wicked Games

By T.K. Leigh

Wicked Games - T.K. Leigh
  • Release Date: 2019-07-08
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 132 Ratings


He’s forbidden in every sense of the word. But is that enough to keep him away?

It all started in Vegas.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in the city of sin. Normally, I’d be inclined to agree. Until Lincoln Moore walks into my life. 

On paper, we mix as well as oil and water. 

He’s confident. Commanding. Successful. Master of his universe. 

I’m a hot mess, barely holding on as I struggle to balance my job, finally finishing college, and keeping my mother sober.

But when the lights go out nothing else matters.

Until I learn the truth of who Lincoln Moore actually is.

Sure, I probably should have put the pieces together sooner, but our early days haven’t exactly been filled with riveting philosophical discussions about the meaning of life, if you know what I mean.

That still doesn’t diminish the fact he could lose everything by being with me. 

But is that enough to keep us apart? Or is what we have worth the risk?

There’s only one way to find out.

Let the games begin…

Wicked Games is a standalone forbidden romance. Grab your copy today.

The Dating Games Series Recommended Reading Order
Each book in this series can be enjoyed separately as each revolves around a different couple, but for the best reading experience it is recommended to read in the order below.

1. Dating Games
2. Wicked Games
2.5. Mind Games
3. Dangerous Games
4. Royal Games


  • Good book

    By Shahs cheerleader
    The main characters had great chemistry.
  • Fantastic!!

    By Stacyotr
    Wicked Games absolutely blew me away! Lincoln and Chloe met in Vegas, and it was an instant attraction. Chloe doesn't get serious about men. She figured that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but fate had other plans. You will not be able to put this book down. The chemistry between Chloe and Lincoln is off the charts! Get a fan and cold bucket of water handy. Let me tell you, Lincoln is every bit as hot and commanding as Mr. Burnham and those are big shoes to fill. My emotions were all over the place, and I was a hot mess reading this book. Wicked Games is one book I will be reading again and again. It's just that good!
  • Great book

    By Deelmq
    I loved this book. I read it in one day. I couldn’t put it down. I totally recommend this book.
  • Awesomeness

    By haley007
    Great read!! I enjoyed this book so much I couldn’t put it down. I loved everything about this one.
  • Wicked good

    By Chrisntone
    Im a huge fan of this author so when a new book comes out I get excited because she doesn’t disappoint. We first meet Lincoln and Chloe in night games and completely fell in love with them. Nothing stays in Vegas that’s for sure. These 2 have amazing chemistry Chloe loves hard and protects everyone she loves. So reading about these 2 I couldn’t get enough some parts were hard but this author doesn’t disappoint. Never does.
  • A must read!!!

    By sferguson105
    What an amazing story this was!!! Chloe and Lincoln were perfect together, and so sexy! They had a hard battle to fight, but they definitely conquered it. There were laughs, tears, and so many emotions that I went through while reading this book. I would definitely recommend one clicking this read!!
  • Lincoln & Chloe

    By Rubi's Bookshelf
    Some time ago I posted my review for ´Night Games´which is this same book (or the beginning of it) from an anthology. In my review I stated how Chloe is a BA b*itch. This has not changed. I actually learned just how BA she really is. We learn everything she´s lived through and it made me tear up. The fact I wanted ´Night Games´ to be extended so we could get more of Lincoln and Chloe is amazing. This truly did leave me satisfied even if I did want to smack them a few times until we get the HEA we wanted. This is one amazing read and I can´t wait for Izzy´s story
  • Loved It

    By MELISE1972
    Chloe and Lincoln were wonderful characters. Chloe is a strong, sassy and lovable character and Lincoln was swoon worthy. The book took your heart on a roller coaster. I love TK Leigh I always one click and this book is a great addition to my library. I am so excited for the next book in the series.
  • Great book!!

    By Troy.taylor0803
    Absolutely loved it! This book was amazing! I devoured it way too quickly. Chloe & Lincoln are one of my favorite couples. This book has everything I love in my books.... romance, drama, plot twists & so much heart & oh man all the amazing characters!
  • Lincoln and Chloe’s story is a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

    By Wendy LeGrand
    Chloe is a character I first met in reading T.K.'s book, Dating Games. She was that friend that shied away from commitment and was very comfortable having casual relationships and one night stands. I was so intrigued by her and her attitude toward sex that I was hoping her character and storyline would be expanded on later. Then T.K. released Night Games as part of the Blackout Anthology and gave readers a look into a weekend with Chloe living out the nightmare of an excruciating bachelorette party in Vegas for one of her closest friends. Her only reprieve being this super hot man coming to her rescue when a drunk guy hits on her. Lincoln Moore, holy cow, what an amazingly hot, sexy, book boyfriend! Here's this guy that Chloe felt an immediate attraction to, and the more time she spends with him during the blackout only increases her attraction to him. Chloe and Lincoln together are very hot! But it is not only their sexual chemistry together that made them such an amazing couple. They are just good together, if that makes sense. Lincoln really listened to Chloe, probably the first man to ever do that, and because of it, Chloe actually let down her guard with him, and I just really enjoyed their interactions together, especially their banter back and forth. There is a forbidden romance going on here, and I surprised myself with how badly I wanted everything to be okay for Chloe and Lincoln. The background we learn of Chloe's childhood and growing up was heartbreaking, so I was rooting so hard for this good thing to happen for her. Lincoln is just swoon to the max. Lord, he is such a catch!! He's one of those book boyfriends you really want to come to life!! I rode a rollercoaster of emotion with this story. I laughed and cried and got mad and smiled a lot and had happy and sad tears. There's some of every emotion rolling through this book. T.K. has always been a master at making my heart stretch and squeeze and get warm and fuzzy. This story does it all. We get to see the whole gang from Dating Games which was awesome, and if you've already met them all, you'll be excited to know Izzy's story is up next!! I can't wait!