Japanese in Depth Vol.1

By International Communication Institute

Japanese in Depth Vol.1 - International Communication Institute
  • Release Date: 2011-09-08
  • Genre: Japanese Language Studies
Score: 4.5
From 140 Ratings


This is vol.1 of the collection of monthly columns contributed to The Daily Yomiuri, Japan's nationwide English newspaper. It amusingly illustrates how mindsets are different between English and Japanese. It's an eye opener for English as well as Japanese.


  • Two words

    By lovedolz
    Hate it I’m not going to explain but as you can see I just looked at the first book and hated it. Don’t waste your precious time
  • Good Starter for Japanese Beginner

    By Camilo calderon
    I’m a starter and basically beginner in Japanese and I feel this book was able to give me a slighter and better in depth understanding of why some things are how they are in Japanese and in a way how much we are lacking with out languages
  • Pretty good

    By つぁじ
    This book is very informative and covers many aspects of Japanese that a lot of people may overlook. There are a few spelling errors here and there but, nevertheless, it is still a good read.
  • A lovely book

    By Luna4747897
    I love this book it gives you so much information about Japanese. I love Japanese! They are really cool and fun to learn! Thank you so much!
  • Japanese!

    By MintyGuy700
    This is a great book, I cannot wait to read more! Arīgato!
  • A Gentle Discouse on 日本語

    By ダニー リチャード
    I have been studying Japanese language and culture for almost 2 years. I found this short volume entertaiining, informative, and well written. It is a supplimented to my other more class oriented books. The volumne can be read in an evening. The lessons to learn will take longer to digest. A lot of detail of the Japanese cutlture is reviled as he talks about the language. Wrapping ones head in Japaneseness is essental to learning the language.
  • Excellent essays into what makes Japanese so unique

    By Akira71
    As a long time language learner and with a focus on Japanese I often take for granted the nuances I have picked up between Japanese and English. When someone asks me why something is said the way it is in Japanese I often have to sit back and think why that might be. With this series of essays on particulars of Japanese the author shines a light and explains many of these little gotchas in a clear manner. Anyone learning Japanese or just is curious in on Japanese particulars and are not afraid of learning in the process will find this book and the rest in the series to be valuable. I commend the author for making these available. They are short and precise and informative. Rare to find a gem like this thee days.