Minecraft: The Island

By Max Brooks

Minecraft: The Island - Max Brooks
  • Release Date: 2017-07-18
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 55 Ratings


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The first official Minecraft novel! The author of World War Z tells the story of a hero—stranded in the world of Minecraft—who must unravel the secrets of a mysterious island in order to survive.

“A rollicking adventure yarn; Robinson Crusoe for the digital age.”—NPR

Washed up on a beach, the lone castaway looks around the shore. Where am I? Who am I? And why is everything made of blocks? But there isn’t much time to soak up the sun. It’s getting dark, and there’s a strange new world to explore!

The top priority is finding food. The next is not becoming food. Because there are others out there on the island . . .  like the horde of zombies that appears after nightfall. Crafting a way out of this mess is a challenge like no other. Who could build a home while running from exploding creepers, armed skeletons, and an unstoppable tide of hot lava? Especially with no help except for a few makeshift tools and sage advice from an unlikely friend: a cow.

In this world, the rules don’t always make sense, but courage and creativity go a long way. There are forests to explore, hidden underground tunnels to loot, and undead mobs to defeat. Only then will the secrets of the island be revealed.

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  • Incredible

    By Luke/Lucas/awesome
    Awesome and I just read a sample and I want it so bad 👍👍👌👌😎😎😆😆🤩🤩
  • Awesome!

    By OmegaGato887
    So far this book seems great!!! There are tons of life lessons to live by in this book! Love It! 👍
  • Awesome

    By jadesong22
    This book literally teaches you thing that you would need for real life and for Minecraft
  • So cool

    By MineEllis
    This is the best book I've read yet packed with life lessons for everyone
  • It just blows my mind!

    By WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, Max Brooks, it’s amazing! I listened to the audio book. I love the ghoul fighting parts! I rememberer that the cow’s name is Moo. I rememberer that the lamb’s name is Rainy. I rememberer that Rainy’s parents names are Flint, and Cloud
  • My kids and I had a pleasant bedtime read with this book

    By Abbrown
    My kids are obsessed with Minecraft! This novel is an easy sell to them: full of Minecraft in-jokes and helpful tricks: for the game AND for real life. I was already a big fan of Max Brookes from the excellent and quirky world war Z. While this book is nice and simple I see it as a gateway to more challenging bedtime stories to come...
  • Amazing!!

    By TD1124
    I'm glad I found this book! It teaches a WHOLE BUNCH about Minecraft, and, is VERY entertaining. Keep up the good work! :D
  • Fantastic!

    By coolmehyipeehehe
    I absolutely loved this book! It was extremely different and kinda made me wish that I lived in minecraft too! I'll never think of minecraft the same... 😀😀😀
  • Best MC Book in the history of the Universe!!!!

    By TameTheDragon94
    Keep up the 👍 work, Max Brooks! ( Like maybe more Minecraft books? )