A Dog's Tale

By Mark Twain

A Dog's Tale - Mark Twain
  • Release Date: 1911-01-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 426 Ratings


The book is told from the standpoint of a loyal household pet, a dog . The story begins with a description of the dog's life as a puppy and her separation from her mother, which to her was inexplicable.


  • Awsome

    By the dog forever
    I loved it but the end was 😭 sad.i hope there’s a number 2!
  • WOW

    By MrSpud1948
    Gut wrenching. We are but a part of nature and not above it.
  • I loved it!!!!!!

    By David lee Davis
    I love this book it was my favorite and I finished it in a couple of hours not to mention it's an awesome book I didn't stop until the book was finished because of how awesome this book is.
  • A sad tale

    By PSAHixtonusa
    From what I understand, Twain was an outspoken opponent of vivisection, or doing painful medical experiments upon live animals. He gets this message across in a powerful way in this short story.
  • Sad story...

    By Izzy Izzy Oi Oi
    I mean who is that cruel
  • A glimpse that makes you think.

    By Illusera
    I remember reading somewhere that the book Black Beauty showed how many horses were being mistreated. I think that purpose might be here too. Many of us who have animals can't imagine them being mistreated but that doesn't mean that every animal has a good life now, or had a good life back then. A sad read that makes you think.
  • Great

    By arhangelari
    Short but impressive.
  • A Dog’s Tale

    By What’s in a song
    Poignant. A little heart breaking. Food for thought!
  • Mans inhumanity

    By LAsunshineGirl
    Great truth! Only a human would be so conceited to think they are above all other living things. The irony will be when they destroy everything including themselves.
  • Thank u

    By Fritzy ;)
    Make a 2nd book about when the kids come home and find out what happened it was such a good book love it