A Dog's Tale

By Mark Twain

A Dog's Tale - Mark Twain
  • Release Date: 1911-01-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 463 Ratings


The book is told from the standpoint of a loyal household pet, a dog . The story begins with a description of the dog's life as a puppy and her separation from her mother, which to her was inexplicable.


  • Ugh

    By iubbuigbyugby
    Too many words I have no idea poo on Mark Twain
  • Love It!

    By gigi0260
    I absolutely loved this book/story! So sad yet so good.
  • Okay

    By Back outside
    I think that yes it was a good book but like many other books it was too short. It was thrilling to read from the dog’s point of view and the book would be good if it hadn’t been so short.
  • A dog's tale

    By At walking
    A sad and sweet story of man's cruelty
  • Awsome

    By the dog forever
    I loved it but the end was 😭 sad.i hope there’s a number 2!
  • WOW

    By MrSpud1948
    Gut wrenching. We are but a part of nature and not above it.
  • I loved it!!!!!!

    By David lee Davis
    I love this book it was my favorite and I finished it in a couple of hours not to mention it's an awesome book I didn't stop until the book was finished because of how awesome this book is.
  • A sad tale

    By PSAHixtonusa
    From what I understand, Twain was an outspoken opponent of vivisection, or doing painful medical experiments upon live animals. He gets this message across in a powerful way in this short story.
  • Sad story...

    By Izzy Izzy Oi Oi
    I mean who is that cruel
  • A glimpse that makes you think.

    By Illusera
    I remember reading somewhere that the book Black Beauty showed how many horses were being mistreated. I think that purpose might be here too. Many of us who have animals can't imagine them being mistreated but that doesn't mean that every animal has a good life now, or had a good life back then. A sad read that makes you think.