Act of Treason

By Vince Flynn

Act of Treason - Vince Flynn
  • Release Date: 2006-10-10
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 1,065 Ratings


CIA operative Mitch Rapp follows a trail of contract killers leading directly to the heart of our nation's capital in New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn's eighth explosive thriller.

It's a gorgeous autumn day in Georgetown. The Democratic candidates for president and vice president of the United States are dutifully glad-handing voters and the media outside a grand estate where a national security conference has just been held, bringing together the world's greatest minds to discuss the issues that are threatening the country. It's American politicking at its best. That's when all hell breaks loose.

When presidential candidate Josh Alexander's motorcade is ambushed by a group of terrorists, the nation is thrown into turmoil. Two weeks following the attack, Alexander is carried to victory by a sympathy vote, but his assailants have not been found. On the surface it appears to be the work of al-Qaeda, despite the tremendous job that the U.S. and her allies have done eliminating terrorist cells within the heart of America. While the FBI and the rest of the government begin scouring the world for jihadists, CIA director Irene Kennedy and Special Agent Skip McMahon are presented with classified information so toxic that they consider destroying it altogether, as it contains intelligence pointing to some of the most powerful players in Washington.

Enter Mitch Rapp, the one man reckless enough to follow the evidence to its explosive conclusion. His journey takes him through the shadowy world of contract killers, into the darkest corners of the globe, and eventually back to Washington, where the fragile pillars of power are shaken to their core.


  • Classic Mitt Rapp

    By Buciz
    The second reading for this book and the plot was still exciting as it unfolded. I am rereading all of Vince Fynn's books in anticipation of the October release of The Survivor.
  • Act of Treason

    By normita52
    The best book i'read!
  • Act ot Treason

    By Bob Reade
    I like Vince Foster's Books as exciting and entertaining reading up until the endings. Then, I think, his novels sometimes trail off into weak efforts to tie the pieces together. As much as I enjoy his descriptive scenes and actions through most of his stories, I feel a letdown at the finish almost as though he had put so much effort into the story and then got tired of it. Nevertheless, I find his books fascinating and filled with the kind of solutions for which sometimes yearn.
  • Act of Treasn

    By Norry girl
    Rapp and Flynn were great as usual.
  • Killer read!

    By Richard Cabesa
    I absolutely loved the book! Vince is a genius. I have 1 book in the series left to read.
  • !

    By Emam Albarnawi
    Good book and even better plotting and imagery. But it's obvious that the author has something against Saudi and Islam. Being a Muslim reader I felt offended in several chapters but over all it was a good book.
  • Act of Treason

    By DaPaDo
    Great book. Mitch Rapp is awesome. The author continues to develop the characters!!
  • Good read

    By Rican x
    Not my favorite Mitch Rapp novel, but a good read nonetheless. I recommend this if you are a loyal Flynn fan.
  • Act of Treason

    By Montanasmom
    I have been devouring Vince Flynn's books, both listening on my iPhone and reading on my iPad. I haven't met a Flynn book I could easily put down without finishing it. Act of Treason was no exception.
  • Act of treason

    By ProfessorFL
    Excellent loved the story