Until the End of Time

By Danielle Steel

Until the End of Time - Danielle Steel
  • Release Date: 2013-01-29
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 569 Ratings



Two couples, four decades apart. One believes that if lovers die, they find each other again in another life. Or perhaps they wind up as stars side by side in the sky, together forever. Who knows how it really ends? Danielle Steel breaks new ground in her career as a perennial New York Times bestseller with the poignant story of two parallel destinies, and the kind of love we all hope will be everlasting.


Bill, a dedicated young lawyer working at his family’s prestigious New York firm, leaves everything he trained for to follow his dream and become a minister in rural Wyoming. Jenny, his wife, is a stylist whose heart and soul are invested in fashion. She leaves the milieu and life she loves to join him. The certainty they share is that their destinies are linked forever.

Fast forward thirty-eight years. Robert is a hardworking independent book publisher in Manhattan who has given up all personal life to build his struggling business. He is looking for one big hit novel to publish. Lillibet is a young Amish woman, living as though in the seventeenth century, caring for her widowed father and three young brothers on their family farm. In secret at night, by candlelight, she has written the novel that burns within her, and gets it into Robert’s hands, wrapped in her hand-stitched apron. He falls in love first with the book, and then with the woman he has never met, living in the sequestered world of the Amish—a world without telephones, computers, electricity, modern conveniences, or cars. Although Lillibet faces banishment from her family and community, she embraces the opportunity to publish her novel, and is irresistibly drawn to the man who has heard her voice. Destiny is at work here. Fate draws her from her horse-and-buggy life toward his, and the publication of her novel.

In the hands of master storyteller Danielle Steel, these two remarkable relationships come together in unexpected and surprising ways, as lovers are lost, and find each other again. If it is true that real love lasts forever and lovers cannot lose each other, then Until the End of Time will not only comfort and fascinate us, as destiny does her dance, but it will give us hope as well. Love and fate are powerful, irresistible forces, as Steel proves to us here, in a book about courage, change, risk, and hope . . . and love that never dies.


  • love this author

    By Tracy4uto
    She writes wonderful novels
  • Until the End of Time

    By Jeannine Leipzig
    This was one of the best books with an ending that didn't leave you in a loop.
  • Until the end of time

    By canyondweller
    What a fabulous wonderful story!!! Danielle Steel always has the ability to make me laugh out loud and let tears stream down my face. I have read and purchased EVERY single book she has ever published :):):) thanks again sweet lady - for another wonderful story!!!
  • Until the End of Time

    By Bcenters
    Love, love love! I couldn't put it down. I cried which I never do. Would love to see a sequel or movie.
  • Great Book

    By PM Lover1
    This is such a great book. The first part of the book brought years to my eyes and I actually choked up at times. The second part is so enchanting and a beautiful love story. Good work Danielle.
  • until the end if time

    By my scooter
    After loosing the love of my life on Christmas morning to cancer this book has warmed my heart more than words can say. We were truly soul mates meeting by fate and this book brought back so many warm feelings of how we met and how we loved. I will look to the stars above now and smile !!!
  • Until the end of time

    By W.L.C.G.
    This is truly one of my very FAVORITE books of Danielle's.. I have read her works forever..I did not want this one to end. The first part was awesome and a bit sad when it ended.. The second part continued as good as the first.... Thank you Danielle for a wonderful read. ,!!
  • Missing chapters

    By CDM624
    There were chapters missing. I downloaded a sample from Kindle to read chapter 1 but as I kept reading another one was missing as well. I'm going to stop now so I don't waste anymore time.
  • Quite a thriller of a book!

    By Lisa Barton
    Finally ms. Steel has written a great book! Finally! I was a little hesitant that I wouldn't enjoy the time travel theme used within the book. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end and finished it in a matter of two sittings. It was that compelling and good. Even though her writing, lately, has been more commercial rather the enchanting books she's written in the past, ms. Steel was able to resurrect her ability to publish a good novel and execute it well within this book. Most notably, she researched her novel with careful detail, especially the Amish. The book is not " put-downable" and holds your interest until the last page. (Spoiler-alert), Within the last half of the novel, the author leaves a hole and loose- ends within the storyline of what success and impact lillibet's book had after the discovery by her friend and publisher, Bob. This was a crucial point that marked the impossible struggle of lillibet' s plight with her "forbidden novel". That was the only thing that struck me ad missing within there story. However, even with that said, I still felt it was a " good read". Most definately, buy it if your a steel fan. Or buy it if you like romance and happy endings.